We deal in all kind of online works like :-

        1.  Web Designing, Web Development.

        2.  SEO.

        3. Online Advertisement.

        4. Google Ad-words.

         5.  SMO.

         6. Bulk Whats app Messages.

         7. Promotion on Social Sites.

At Abraham and John Company, our mission is to provide our clients with individualized, expert Digital solutions that drive ROI. Our team brings with it a rich and diverse background in internet marketing, sales, and management, and years of experience as leaders in the search engine marketing, display advertising, and search engine optimization space.

Our only objective is to provide clients the most innovative and dedicated solutions that we achieve through our continuous learning and relentless efforts. 



What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.


We serve the best services to you.. 

We are  currently dealing with different clients and we have very positive result from them.

Today is the era where every one is online…  If you want to buy anything you prefer doing it online rather than going to stores an all But in this there is a  big challenge how to make your store or company online.. the only thing you can do is advertise your company… But now the big question is how you can advertise???

We have various way to advertise lets go once through it..

The Oldest ways:-


  Newspaper Ads.



But in these days no one is bothering about this because no one has time … everyone is busy in there life chores..

But again question is same how can you advertise our company….

There is only one and very simple way i.e ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT / ONLINE PROMOTION.

Online promotion has also its various types:-

  1. Social media promotion.
  2. Website Development.
  3.  Offer Customers an Exclusive Preview.
  4. Email Marketing
  5. In-Store Promotions
  6. Host an Event
  7. Share on Social Media
  8. Facebook Ads


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