Servant4Home has been a reliable Maid Services Punjab provided by Abraham And John Company under Servent4Home banner. However being a great Housekeeping Service provider means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services.

And with a focus on personalised service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectations.

Servant4home is expert in Maid Service professionals who very well know about people needs for house cleaning services. In Other Words we offer quality service to homeowners.

Abraham and John Company specialise in Maid Service, Housekeeping Service, Nanny Provider, Security Guard, Driver, Cook, Patient Care Servant and Gardner Service.

We can also handle Parties Arrangements, Catering Services, DJ Services and Wedding Planning. If you are in need of Travelling Services, Vacation Plan we are here to serve you.

There is more list of our best services that we can provide Electrician and Plumber. We can also provide Staff for you Office. If you have any Construction Work we are also here.

Run and managed by a non-profit, Decimal Foundation,


in India organises and provides employment to housemaids/domestic workers and housekeepers.


If you need a housemaid/housekeeper in Australia, simply use the form on the left of this screen to place a booking. Remember, each booking generated by you not only helps fulfil your need, but also drastically improves the life of an entire family.

Maid in India provides informal labourers a chance to a better life. By providing them employment. We ensure their rights, standard wages, as well as employment benefits aimed at their entire family.

These include health insurance, life insurance, day care for their children, vocational training, etc. 

Employers for our maids are not left alone either – by employing maids from us, they are ensured a thorough background check on their maid.

Round-the-clock maid replacements, as well as on-demand maid supply for all their needs. 


This symbiotic relationship has flourished over the past 4 years – we have grown from 2 maids in 2009 to over 250 maids in 2013! Furthermore, our maids’ lives have been impacted in unimaginable ways (link to case studies). 

Although we measure our impact in several ways, our most important success metrics are about how we empower our maids.

  • 60% maids opened their first bank accounts through Decimal Foundation at Punjab National bank.
  • Making them eligible for a Rs 50,000 risk cover, along with a zero-balance savings account. These maids now receive their entire salary as a direct deposit to the account.
  • All maids go through basic vocational training, to get trained in basic chores (dusting, sweeping/mopping etc). They also learn about financial management, women’s rights etc.
  • About 20 maids went through our first pilot of specialised training for cooking, child care, elderly care, festival cleaning, language training etc. With support from Ltd India, this successful pilot will be expanded to all other before the end of the year.
  • 40% maids invested in their first life insurance/savings scheme policy with LIC, or PNB, where a fixed portion of their monthly income was earmarked for these savings.



Are you looking for an exciting career to work in Australia? Then Australia is calling you.

  Australia is a small beautiful country which has multicultural population so that everyone can belong, participate and thrive in their social and cultural lives.

 Australia has opened doors to semiskilled migrants. Immigrants have contributed enormously to their economy and culture. Australia is a very peaceful country and people are very much friendly and mutual respect and religious freedom are an integral part of their culture.

There is a huge opening for light to heavy vehicle drivers in Australia.  Australia work permit for Drivers in India, mainly light drivers for taxi and personal vehicles; heavy drivers for trucks, container carrier; JCB- Loader- Crane operator.  If you have driving license and experience in driving in any of the cosmopolitan cities , say, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu , Madhya Pradesh , Maharashtra , etc. , then, this is for you!

Australia work permit for Drivers in India as Australian government is inviting skilled and experienced drivers from India. There is high demand for Indian drivers in Australia because of their experience, sincerity and hard working attitude.

Australia work permit for Drivers will be given all the benefits by the Australian government; social security, convenient working hours, cost of living is moderate and saving opportunities are much higher. Working and living in Australia will be a life changing experience for you.

If you wish to work or live in Australia you have to get your work permit. Australia work permit for Drivers can be organized by the reputed immigration consultancy, ABRAHAM AND JOHN COMPANY!!, by checking applicant’s professional experience, personality, medical and physical check up. He must be an able-bodied person. Knowing English will be a beneficial advantage as English is commonly spoken in Australia.

ABRAHAM AND JOHN COMPANY!! is the most reliable Australia Immigration Consultancy which ensures you feel confident about your work permit application. Our main vision is to deliver suitable international job opportunities for those who desire to work abroad.

     Come let’s scoot to Australia with ABRAHAM AND JOHN COMPANY!!

Here is a complete list of our services.

  • Australia Maid Work Permit Bangalore  

  • Australia Housekeeping Work permit Hyderabad

  • Australia Nanny work permit kerala

  • Australia Security Guard work permit telangana 

  • Australia Driver work permit karnataka 

  • Australia Cook work permit chennai

  • Australia Patient Care work permit kochi

  • Australia Parties Arrangements work permit kollam

  • Australia Catering work permit pondicherry

  • Australia work permit 

  • Australia Electrician Work Permit

  • Australia Plumber Work Permit

  • Australia Construction Work Permit

  • Australia Gardner work permit

  • Home Tutors

  • Pets Provider

  • Traveling Services

  • Vacation Planner

  • Wedding Planner

  • Australia Office Staff Work Permit

  • Australia Work Permit Driver

Let us make your home looking sparkling and brand new again with our fast and efficient expert cleaning agents. Call us now and learn more about our excellent service anywhere nearby your cities.

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