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Chances Available For Labour Class Jobs Like Drivers, Packers, Security Guard, Helpers. Degree. Doesn’t Matters. Australia Work Permit Bangalore Available.

FRUIT PACKER JOBS IN AUSTRALIA / 40 Urgent Openings. Apply Now We are looking for people from Bangalore to join our team in Australia to do Fruit Picking, Thinning, Packing work all year round. If you are interested in working with us in Australia “Apply Now”. Jobs are available in Australia . Salary offered is $1700 for the right candidates. Applicants area unit needed to possess a right to figure or a sound operating visa (eg: operating vacation Visa or Student Visa with operating condition) in Australia, for employment. Candidates who are willing to migrate to Australia are eligible to apply for this position. Fruit Packer Job Description. • check out work orders so as to work out daily fruit packing tasks. • Check every fruit item to confirm its health. • confirm the proper means of packing fruit, according to its type and physical sensitivity. • Obtain packaging such as bubble wraps and sealing bags. FRUIT PACKER JOBS IN AUSTRALIA • Place every fruit, or stacks of fruit into the right bags or packs. • Count and weight amounts, and adjust quantities in order to ensure uniformity of bags or boxes. • Place bags and packages onto trays and racks. • Record information such as quantity, weight, time, and dates of packing. • Sort fruits in accordance with the size, and type. • Oversee and assist with the filling of containers. • Ensure fruit safety by the following procedure. • Label each box according to specified instructions. • make sure that packed fruit containers area unit properly loaded onto delivery trucks. • Provide loading and delivery personnel with information regarding the care of boxes. • Pack exposed layers of fruit in foil or flat solid. • Ensure that fruit boxes or crates are carefully lined up. • Place lids on containers in order to close/seal them. • Ensure nails are properly fit so that they do not damage the fruit within. • Weight finish product (boxes, packages, or crates) so as to put data on fruit cargo documentation. • Be physically fit for repetitive lifting • Be physically fit for fast pace picking or packing • Be able to stand / walk for 8 hours. • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. FRUIT PACKER JOBS IN AUSTRALIA